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  • “This preschool is one of the highest quality preschools I have ever experienced, and as an early childhood education teacher, I have seen many! The environment and grounds are beautiful and spacious, and incredibly supportive to the growth of young children. My two children attended our preschool, and now that I am teaching here, I continue to be amazed by the amount of support, warmth, and love that I experience. The staff and teacher relationships with one another mirror what we create in the classroom; a loving, positive, and supportive environment where children feel safe and secure. This is the foundation for learning!"

    Jenny Hudspeth, Preschool Lead Teacher and Parent
  • “This is the preschool experience we all remember from our own childhood and dreamt of recreating for our children. The teachers are more than educators – they are extended family. The Community Center Preschool is inclusive, transparent, and inviting.”

    Jaime Beeber, Parent
  • “The Community Center Preschool has created a safe and supportive environment not only for their students but for their teachers as well. We are a collaborative staff who share ideas and resources to ensure all of our students have the best preschool experience we can offer. As teachers, we are offered many opportunities for further training in our field which ensures we are always up to date with current trends in early education. In contrast to the public TK programs, we are allowed the freedom to create a curriculum that is age appropriate and play-based in order to better meet each student where they are. I feel lucky to teach at a school that not only believes in our developmental philosophy, but implements it each day."

    Brenda Sullivan, Lead Teacher
  • “We believe that children learn best by experiencing materials and using them in ways that apply to their world. We bring in math, science, vocabulary in fun and exciting ways so that children are enthusiastic about school and fall in love with learning in general. This sets them up for future academic success. . .Kids often don’t have the language to communicate their feelings at this age, so we work as a team on observing and evaluating the whole child.”

    Amy Rick, Assistant Preschool Director
  • “We want children to learn at their own pace, and our play-based approach to learning helps children develop cognitive skills in literacy, letters & numbers, concepts, size, sequence, patterns, colors, and more. In fact, our students are so busy having fun, they don’t realize how much they are learning!”

    Danielle Caputo, Preschool Director
  • “Too soon our kids find themselves behind a school desk with all of the academic pressures and expectations that go with that. Our Preschool allows them to be a kid just a little bit longer, developing strong social-emotional and cognitive skills under the care of the most devoted staff any parent could ask for.”

    Betsy Ferguson, Executive Director, Community Center of La Canada Flintridge
  • “The Yellow Door Pre-K classroom at the Community Center Preschool is magical - students engage in creative, sensory, imaginative activities that meet them where they are developmentally. Through this fun play they learn math, science, phonics, writing as well as how to be a good friend and classmate. It was a joy to watch my child’s mind and imagination expand over their year in PreK. The small class was the exact right place to help my child grow emotionally and socially before beginning Kindergarten. Yellow Door fostered a love of school and the skills learned there made the Kindergarten transition easier. The teachers and students formed a tight knit group, and we will have Yellow Door friends for life."

    Jennifer MacVittie, Parent
  • "Our family toured a number of preschools before settling on the Community Center Preschool. We walked out that day knowing instantly it was the one. From the hands-on, creative, messy play, to the towering trees and mountainous backdrop--we knew this was the place we wanted our toddlers making formative memories. The school utilizes their beautiful outdoor space as much as possible, recognizing how good that is for children. The Community Center Preschool is really a hub for the whole Crescenta Valley community. It is easy to recruit your existing friends to join you at the school because it impresses everyone who checks it out. You will also find your children (and you!) making new friendships that last a lifetime."

    Sara Branscum, Parent
  • “The Community Center Preschool offers the experience we all remember from our own childhood and dreamt of recreating for our children. The teachers are more than educators—they are extended family. The preschool community here is inclusive, transparent, and inviting.”

    Jamie Beeber
  • "The Community Center Preschool is such a special place, I get teary eyed thinking of the day our last child finishes there. If you want your student to thrive, build confidence, make foundational friendships and come home weekly with interesting artwork--then this is the school for you! Every holiday is an occasion for creative sensory play. Kids bake, paint, craft, have pajama day, get visits from sea creatures, firefighters and even The Tortoise and The Hare. Every summer we look forward to the summer camp the school puts on that is exclusive to our community. There is no question the children here will remember these experiences for years to come. It is the happiest place in La Canada!"

    Sara Branscum, Parent