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Parent Participation

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of their child’s experience at Community Center Preschool. We believe that we can best meet the needs of our children by developing strong communication with our parents. Regularly scheduled parent-teacher meetings, a school newsletter, and daily information posted in the classrooms help facilitate this objective.

Volunteer Program

We encourage parent participation as a way to make the preschool experience even more meaningful for your family. Volunteering is a great way to take part in your child’s preschool world! There are many opportunities to become involved: read a story in the classroom, sign up to help at an event, or join a committee! Volunteer opportunities are sent out in our Parent Newsletter and include Yearbook, Displays, Publicity, Fundraising, Family Picnic, Hospitality, and of course our biggest event of the year…our Western Round Up carnival!

Parent Board and Committees

To make an even bigger difference, consider joining us as a Community Center Parent Board Member or Committee Chair. Our very active and supportive Parent Board organizes many special activities, parent coffee socials, holiday events, and fundraisers throughout the year. We are so grateful to those parents who are serving this year!

Community Center Preschool Parent Board 2023-24

  • President

    Patricia Cordero

  • Vice President of Enrichment Programs
    Heidi Spencer
  • Vice President of Class Programs

    Jackie Glendon

  • Treasurer

    Sara Branscum

  • Secretary

    Sara Radabaugh

  • Fundraising Chair

    Valerie Sayeg

  • Publicity Chair

    Amanda Ohanian

  • Hospitality Chair
    Sammi Spracher
  • Western Round-Up Co-Chair
    Rebecca Jorne
  • Western Round-Up Co-Chair
    Leslie Barbot
  • Western Round-Up Co-Chair
    Jenni Jewett
  • Silent Auction Co-Chair

    Julia Hannah

  • Silent Auction Co-Chair

    Nicole Pierce

Community Center Preschool Committee Positions 2023-24

  • Librarian

    Krissy King

  • Adopt-a-Family 1

    Shannon Pondella

  • Adopt-a-Family 2
    Alexis Villalobos
  • Yearbook Coordinator

    Nina Ghahremani

  • Display Coordinator

    Carole Schopp

For more information on volunteering please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..